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  • Arduino Boards

    We have the most used board, from entry level: Arduino Uno, Arduino mini, Arduino Leonardo and the latest IoT boards like the Yun and Zero.

  • Adafruit Feather
  • Adafruit

    Adafruit has it's own microcontroller development boards named Metro and Feather. The feather is a complete line of boards you can use standalone or stack it with feather wings. You can power them with a lipo battery of micro usb. Flexible, portable and lightweight; that;s why they are called Feather :-)

  • Sparkfun
  • Genuino
  • others

Arduino is an open source electronics platform with easy to use hardware and free software for interactive projects. The Arduino rev 3 still is the most used board! We have the original Arduino and Genuino boards, but also boards from other manufacturers like Adafruit and Sparkfun.