NeoPixel Diffused 5mm Through-Hole LED - 5 Pack

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LOLwut? NeoPixels in 5mm through-hole variety? Oh yes, we haz them! If you like NeoPixel strips you'll luv these 5mm diffused through-hole NeoPixels. All the single-pin-controlling-hundreds-of-LEDs goodness in a breadboard friendly format.

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  • Each LED looks just like a shorter version of the classic through-hole 5mm RGB LED with 4 legs, but instead of just red/green/blue there's a little chip inside that can control the LED with high speed PWM for 24-bit color. 

    These are the diffused type instead of the Neopixel Clear 5mm LEDs. They look a lot like the 8mm variety but are smaller. 

    Power them with 5V and chain them together, tying the Data-Out pin of one to the Data-in of the previous one in the chain. If you're using an Arduino, you can control these LEDs with our wonderfully-written Neopixel library for Arduino. They also work great with our Trinkets. Note that these are "RGB" instead of "GRB" format used in the 5050-sized LEDs you are so used to. Check in the NeoPixel example code for how to swap the colors automagically. 

    These great looking LEDs are also fast and responsive with a milky-diffusing lens for a soft look. 

  • WS2811 datasheet these are running at 800KHz. We don't have a datasheet for the LEDs themselves yet, see the photos above for the pinouts 
    • LED Height: 5mm / 0.2"
    • LED Diameter (at base): 6mm / 0.20"
    • Length of Pins: 26mm / 1"
    • Weight: 0.3g
    Everything you need to know at our Neopixel UberGuide!

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