Sense/Stage MiniBee Starter Kit
  • Sense/Stage MiniBee Starter Kit

Sense/Stage MiniBee Starter Kit

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2 Sense/Stage MiniBees + 2 female headers + 3 Xbees + Sparkfun Xbee Explorer USB (WRL11812) + Expansion Kit. The Sense/Stage Starter Kit sets you up with a coordinator node and two Sense/Stage MiniBees and expansion boards ready to use!

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Included are:

• 2 Sense/Stage MiniBees

• 1 XBee Explorer USB board

• 3 XBees (Series 1 with chip antenna)

• 2 female headers to connect the Sense/Stage MiniBees to expansion boards

• 2 XPee boards expansion boards for easily connecting LEDs, resistive sensors, digital sensors, and TWI sensors

• 2 XPree boards expansion boards for prototyping with a breadboard, or creating your own custom circuits

• 4 male headers to connect the boards to the Sense/Stage MiniBees

The Sense/Stage MiniBees are preprogrammed with the standard MiniBee firmware. The

XBees are configured to work with this firmware. The whole set has been tested before shipping, so that you can start rightaway with using the system.

Full documentation on the Sense/Stage system:

General overview of the Sense/Stage system:

Documentation on the Sense/Stage Kit:

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